What’s The Best Way To Cool Your Space In North America?

How to cool your homeWith the summer months being upon us and knowing your home is likely to heat up soon, you might be looking at getting a new air conditioner for your residence. However, simply looking through the seemingly endless number of options might cause you to break out in a sweat. After all, how do you figure out which air conditioner you should be purchasing and how it can impact your cooling bills? If you live in an apartment, you might even have to worry about whether or not your building allows window units. No need to worry: we have done all of the research you need to make a good decision.

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The crucial component of getting the right system to provide a balance of comfort and savings is to find the optimal unit for your space. Getting an air conditioning system that doesn’t have sufficient … read more...

The Best Heating System for Your Home

The Best Heating System for Your Hamilton Home

For many homeowners, winter is not their favourite month of the year.  Why?  Well, despite the snow and hot chocolate in front of a fire, the cold winds will often enter a person’s home through window and door cracks making a residence uncomfortable and chilly.  How can one combat this?  Is it possible?  Of course, it is!

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There are numerous methods of heating a home and beating the winter blues.  Electric heating is an option, but it can be very expensive.  Wood fires are another option and cheaper than electricity; however, this can be difficult to manage and is not very effective.  Solar heating is energy-efficient but only efficient during daylight hours.  So, what is a positive choice?  Nothing seems to be working.  Don’t worry, the best heating system for a home is typically an energy efficient furnace, and this article will list reasons to argue its case.… read more...

HVAC Basics

HVAC basics for Toronto homeownersWe get a lot of questions about HVAC systems from Toronto homeowners that have become our sales and service customers over the years. Many of these questions are asked over and over. Because of that we thought we would share a few that might help you out with a similar HVAC question you might have on your mind.

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Question: My HVAC is maintenance free right?

A: Absolutely not. Although HVAC systems very rarely break down and they are one of the most durable products you can buy they still require routine care. It is recommended that your local HVAC service tech come out to your home and inspect the system and clean it at least once a year. During this service call they will replace filters as necessary, clean and adjust the burner unit (what you save in gas and oil in a year … read more...

How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home and make it Safer

How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Oshawa Home and make it SaferMany people assume that the quality of air in their home is good just because their home is enclosed on all sides and overhead but this would be a big misconception. In a study done for the American Lung Association it was found that some of the homes that were looked at were up to 5 times more polluted than outside air. Almost every home studied also had at least one serious health concern too. So as you can see most homes can stand for some improvement when it comes to inside air. Here are some great ways to improve the quality of air in your home and make it safer too.

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Start on the Outside

In order to make the inside of your home better you need to start on the outside of it.

Keep water away from your foundation

It’s no secret that some of …

5 Traits of Honest Plumbing Companies

dishonest plumberThe plumbing in your home is a weird animal. On one side there are a number of do-it-yourself projects you can perform to not only save money on bringing in the plumbing professionals but also to have the most convenient quality of living at the same time. Simple things like changing out faucet handles or taking apart and fixing the garbage disposal are both rewarding and handy. On the flip side of that though, there are times when major problems arise in the pipes that just can’t be fixed without professional intervention. In those times when you need to call plumbing companies, make sure they display as many of these 5 traits as possible.

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Knowledgeable Plumbing Contractor

By far the most important quality that plumbing companies Edmonton possess is the knowledge to diagnose and fix your piping problems. It doesn’t matter if the company is extremely inexpensive, customer-friendly, … read more...

The Pros And Cons Of Skylights: Are They Worth The Investment?

skylightAny person that has ever owned a home with a skylight, or for those that have taken a vacation in a hotel room or cabin that had a skylight will know how they can enhance a room or home. It is amazing to watch the rain or snow falling from above or to watch the stars from your bed.

This is probably the driving reason why many homeowners would like one in their homes, despite the fact that they are costly and susceptible to potential issues. Thanks to http://bluechiproofing.com for the following list of pros along with the cons associated with skylights, to help you make a more informed decision before having one installed.

Skylight Pros:

If you have decided you would like to have a skylight in your home, it is important to find out what is involved.

1. Add Light To A Dark Room

Skylights are often one …

Top Appliance Repair Tips For Your Service Visit

Fast Appliance Repair VancouverIs it time for you to schedule an appliance service visit? Will you be required to pay a service fee and will paperwork be required? If you want to be as prepared as possible, then you need to check out these tips.

When it comes to repairing appliances, it can be helpful to know how to deal with contractors. With that said, if you have scheduled an appointment with an HVAC contractor to come to your property, then check out the below tips. They should help ensure that your visit goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Your Schedule Should Be Cleared It’s a good idea to clear your schedule. Everyone wants to know the exact time the contractor will be coming, but nobody can predict how long a visit will take. When you book an appointment, you’ll be provided with a time window for when you can expect … read more...

Winter Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Plumbing Tips for Homeowners During Winter:

Avoid frozen pipes. During winter, it is advisable that you keep an eye on water pressure; and the first sign that your water pipes are frozen is restricted water flow. When you notice this, it is important that you act fast. During the evening when temperatures are coldest, let the water trickle from the faucets at a width that’s slightly smaller than a pencil’s. This will help prevent freezing since moving water doesn’t freeze. During winter, drain outdoor pipes and disconnect garden hoses to protect them from getting damaged. Garden hoses that are left connected can have ice forming in/on them during cold snaps, leading to pressure building up in water lines inside your home. When this occurs, a water line break or leak could occur and could cause severely damage your home plumbing After you have disconnected your garden hoses, consider installing an… read more...

Allergies Triggered by Lack of HVAC Maintenance

Indoor comfort brought about by indoor air that suits you is often related to the air’s temperature. While the temperature of the air goes along way to improve your comfort in your home, the quality of indoor air is just as important to achieve the perfect comfort level.

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Breathing is an unconscious activity, so it’s easy to overlook the potential hazards. Breathing in too much dust and smelling unpleasant smells and malfunctioning ventilation compromises your indoor comfort. However, the trouble of having to install these equipment if we just know how to take care of the HVAC systems that are already installed in our homes.

To save money and energy, it is essential to install the right air filter for your HVAC system. In addition, it will reduce the potential of expensive and inconvenient breakdowns. It may also extend the life of … read more...

How HVAC Can Help Ease Discomfort

If it’s unusually hot outside, you shouldn’t be too stressed that your HVAC system is running constantly throughout the day. However, you may need to find consistent ways to deal with air conditioning your home and help your air circulation and cooling framework out.

Having your ventilation framework  running for the duration of the day, despite when it’s principal, will drive up your administration bills. When it isn’t that hot outside, or you see it running for a significantly long time in progression, it might be a perfect chance to get your HVAC specialist to take a look at things.

Messy air channels, refrigerant releases, cracked ventilation work, and a broken fan could all trap your aeration and cooling system into running always. At the point when your ventilation system has a broken part, at that point, it works consistently to attempt to cool your home while some piece … read more...

Heat Pumps

Temperatures rise and fall, they differ and change after some time. It’s never steady, thus heat pumps were made to adjust to these adjustments in the environment. They were made to change and do the best condition to a specific circumstance in the earth inside and furthermore outside. The motivation behind this is to keep up the adjust that the human body needs in various and evolving temperatures. Also, it is vitality proficient and could be considered as a vitality sparing option.

Numerous won’t have known, but rather residential heat pumps – as they are regularly known for – are not just restricted in warming inside, it likewise courses warm. Heat pumps could show whether warm is available or not, regardless of whether it is important to be available in the indoor environment or not. It moves warm around; it takes warm from where it is available and stores this … read more...

Choosing the Right High Efficiency Furnace for Your Home

high efficiency lennox furnace

You can enjoy a wide range of benefits if you choose to install a high efficiency furnace in your home. It will keep your home warm and not burden you with frequent breakdowns, costly repairs, and high energy costs


At this time and age, investing in a high-efficiency furnace is probably one of the best decisions and home investment you’ll ever make.  Here are a few things to consider before rushing out to purchase a high efficiency furnace:

HVAC Contractor – choose to work with a contractor who is knowledgeable when it comes to high-efficiency furnaces. Hire one who is licensed, certified, reliable, and has an office or shop nearby for easy access. Efficiency – you can determine if it is a high-efficiency furnace by checking its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. It measures how much energy a furnace consumes in heating your home in percentage… read more...

Taking on Plumbing Tasks: When Is It Best to Call a Plumber?

Many homeowners do not realize that plumbing systems are a lot more challenging to work with than some of the other tasks around the home. While you likely know how important it is to make sure the water is not running before using tools to remove pipes or open them up, you may not have the extra experience or knowledge that a plumber would have. Those who work in the plumbing industry have received training and completed a series of exams before they became certified.

There are times when you may quickly solve a plumbing problem in your home. After all, there are often simple solutions to some of the minor problems homeowners deal with, such as a leaky faucet or a clogged drain. However, it is best to leave the complicated stuff to the experts, otherwise you could end up causing some serious damage to your plumbing system and … read more...

How to Stop Hidden Plumbing Leaks

If you had a pipe pouring water right into your floor, of course you would do something to stop it and get it fixed right away. Unfortunately, a lot of water leaks aren’t quite that obvious. Even so, people have a very out of sight, out of mind view on matters such as plumbing. If you let water leak unbeknownst to you, you will both allow your water bill to skyrocket and also waste needlessly, which is obviously bad for conservation. To make sure you don’t find yourself in this situation, continue on to find out how you can check for and stop hidden plumbing leaks.

1 – Check Your Meter

This is the easiest way to check your daily water usage. You can usually find the meter right on the outside of your home. Make a note of the current usage, then make sure not to use any … read more...

Putting Off Plumbing Repairs May Cost More In The Long Run!

Homeowners put off heating and plumbing repairs due to numerous reasons. Some are short on cash while some others may not have the time to DIY or hire a professional heating and plumbing contractor. Most of us prefer to let a minor plumbing issue languish since it doesn’t present any major inconvenience at the moment. But neglecting minor repairs can have a profound impact on the repair costs in the long run. The problem can become much larger, costing you more money in repairs, in the long run. Here are the main reasons why you need to take care of plumbing repairs as soon as you detect one.

The Long-Term Costs Of Deferred Maintenance

Most homeowners do not take notice if they find a little water leaking from their faucets. They often think that a few drops of water are no big deal after all. In fact, delayed maintenance … read more...

How Ignoring a Leak or Other Plumbing Issues Can Cost You Money and Damage Your Health

There are many reasons why people put off doing plumbing repairs. For example, you may be unable to afford a plumber or you may not have enough free time to do the plumbing repairs yourself. Because of the many demands on your life, it is easy to put off fixing a leaky faucet because you think it isn’t that big of a deal. However, not repairing these small plumbing problems can result in bigger plumbing problems, which can cost more and be more difficult to correct. Continue reading to learn the importance of addressing any plumbing issues as soon as they appear as discussed in great detail.

The Cost of Waiting to Correct a Plumbing Issue

Most people think that a dripping faucet is not a big deal; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A leak can cause you a number of problems. First, the amount of … read more...

Steps in the Process of Finding a Quality Plumber

In the average home there are hundreds of configurations of pipes, valves, drains and plumbing fixtures that run through the place, all directing drinking water throughout your house, and seeing to it that all of the waste water be taken out from your house to the sewage system of the septic tank. With all of the gallons of water that runs through your residence year after year, it is probably inevitable that you will have some kind of a plumbing issue from time to time.

When an emergency arises, here are some tips on how to find a good plumber.

1. Inquire of Your Friends and Family

In light of the fact that nearly everyone has to use the services of a plumber at one time or another, ask your friends and family who they would recommend for a plumber, and if so why. Did the charges meet expectations, … read more...