The Pros And Cons Of Skylights: Are They Worth The Investment?

skylightAny person that has ever owned a home with a skylight, or for those that have taken a vacation in a hotel room or cabin that had a skylight will know how they can enhance a room or home. It is amazing to watch the rain or snow falling from above or to watch the stars from your bed.

This is probably the driving reason why many homeowners would like one in their homes, despite the fact that they are costly and susceptible to potential issues. Thanks to for the following list of pros along with the cons associated with skylights, to help you make a more informed decision before having one installed.

Skylight Pros:

If you have decided you would like to have a skylight in your home, it is important to find out what is involved.

1. Add Light To A Dark Room

Skylights are often one of the best solutions to allow natural light into a room that is dark and there is no other way for light to enter the room. This could include a bathroom or a staircase that is missing a window.

2. Aesthetically Appealing

Skylights offer a stunning window where you are able to view the sky. They often alter the atmosphere entirely in the area that the skylight is installed.

3. Allow Fresh Air Into Your Home

If you choose a venting-skylight it can allow fresh air to flow into your home. This could be a great choice for a bathroom that is lacking airflow. A skylight can also help to naturally cool your home through venting over the months of summer, or in areas that are warm throughout the year.

If you do decide on one of the venting skylight options, you need to ensure that it is easy to reach. Otherwise, it may become a hassle, and the venting purpose would have gone to waste.

4. Indirect Solar Light

The skylights that have been installed in the correct place in a house can offer indirect solar light. If you install a skylight on the north side of your home it can offer indirect, cool sunlight. On the other hand, a skylight installed on the south side of a home can offer indirect solar-heat over the winter months. It is important to shade this skylight when it is summer to avoid overheating in your home. West and east positioned skylights can provide afternoon or morning warmth.

Skylight Cons:

The cons associated with skylights are worthwhile considering. However, if you informed on what you can expect, then it is not an issue.

1. The Expense

Skylights do not come cheap. They are expensive to install, maintain, and they will impact your utility bills. There is no way around this. They will also eventually wear down your roof as they are susceptible to leaks. Certain insurance providers may even increase your premiums if you have a skylight installed.

2. The Potential Of A Leaking Roof

It is possible to avoid roof leaks if you purchase a good quality skylight. It is important to avoid plastic and glazed skylights that are prone to discoloring and wearing out. They may seem like an affordable option at the time, but it will cost you more in a few months or years down the line. You also need to ensure that your skylight is mounted over the roof’s surface.

You should also find out if the installer is going to use a curb, which is water lip that is raised which deflects water. There also needs to be the correct flashing and each joint needs to be sealed properly. A professional installer will also install a waterproof sheet over the flashing or flanges underneath the finished materials. Diverter strips, roof crickets or additional water-diversion pieces typically result in more issues than they are able to solve.

3. Possible Damages To Your Interior

Interior damages to your carpets and furniture is also a concern. The skylights of today are a lot more advanced than the previous versions. Look for the models that feature tempered or/and laminated glass with a tinted or Low-E coating that controls heat and UV. Visit the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council), to find out how they compare to each other. If your furniture or carpets are starting to discolor, you might need a screen or shade installed.

4. Possible Damages To Your Roof

A skylight that is large could cause structural damages to your roof. If you have a Truss Roof, a skylight is not an advisable option. If you have a standard roof frame, these can usually handle all types of skylights without any issues.

Final Thoughts

Before you decide on investing in a skylight first consult with a professional roofing contractor in order to find out about the costs involved. If you do decide to go ahead with a skylight installation, choose a reliable and reputable roofing contractor for the job.